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AwesomeCast 347: De-Fruit Your Life

Sorg, Chilla, and Krause are talking about some of this week’s awesome things in technology for AwesomeCast 347, including:

  • We’re sharing our Awesome Thing of the Week items.
  • Krause is sharing Mpow bluetooth headphones.
  • Chilla is living in the future and he’s sharing the DEX dock as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • Chilla took us into the future and Missy is taking us into the past with the Elbow cassette player.
  • We’re back to the current tech thanks to Sorg and his GoPro meets Baja SAE track shot.
  • Sorg also got to check out something cool with Volvo and loud music in the dessert.
  • Krause is trying to talk Sorg into a little less fruit in his tech diet.
  • Microsoft did a thing! Krause and Chilla are sharing some updates about how they stand up to the fruit.
  • We’re talking the Surface laptop. (I think Chilla may be a little underwhelmed with port options.)
  • Windows 10S is moving to a store feature similar to other app platforms.
  • Windows 10S has features great for school integration.
  • XBox rewards updates allow you to get free stuff for playing games.
  • Google Home is on sale for Mothers’ Day. Get your mom the gift of home automation.
  • Microsoft is offering a VR headset for school integration.
  • Thanks to Mat Weller for letting us know about the NOMATIC travel bag. Chilla may be ordering his now.

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AwesomeCast 197: This One Goes Out to the Moms

AC197This week on Awesomecast 197, we talk the latest and most awesome things going on in the world of technology, including:

  • Talk about the Scarehouse’s basement in Pittsburgh getting some publicity.
  • Dropcam; which has a facial recognition feature.
  • Sorg talking about items from Intensity and what they can do.
  • Mother’s Day tech gifts!
  • Tech products like FitBit that can help your health.
  • Talk about tech gift giving in general.
  • Talk about Windows products.
  • Police using Pinterest. For what reasons?
  • The LG Chrome.
  • Phone protective products.
  • Discussion on security issues with new products.
  • Virtual Reality and how it is not for everyone.
  • Upcoming things in technology.

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