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AwesomeCast 288: MySpace Stalking

This week on AwesomeCast 288, we’re talking about awesome things in technology, including:

  • Chilla is kicking off the show with his Awesome Thing Of The Week – Tivo Skip.
  • Katie found something Chilla doesn’t own as her Awesome Thing Of The Week. Phone Soap to clean your phone.
  • AI to help with scheduling? Sorg is sharing his new personal assistant app as his Awesome Thing Of The Week.
  • How much is “too” much AI? We’re having some interesting discussion – from both sides of the argument.
  • This week’s App Of The Week is Gif Brewery and their version 3 update!
  • Thanks to Doug for the Facebook Live for Android fan submission.
  • Snapchat Live is a thing. They’re covering Super Tuesday. We suggest you check it out.
  • Ads in the middle of Snap Chat? Now we know how they’re monetizing, I guess.
  • Chilla is sharing some thoughts on hybrid sim.
  • We’re sharing some #Audi love for an ad filmed near our studio.
  • Slack wants to take down Skype and Hangout!
  • We’re integrating Trello and Slack for our operations. We’re finding you need to find what’s right for you.
  • Raspberry Pi 3 is now out. Sorg is still salivating (and he’s sharing his thoughts, too).
  • The next PS4 update will let you play games on PC or Mac.
  • We’re discussing the NEXT Pittsburgh article about female podcasters (like Katie).
  • Forget all the new social media – We’re (briefly) talking MySpace!
  • (And, we’re legit still discussing MySpace if you want to tune in.)

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Awesome Chat: Kim Lyons of Next Pittsburgh

We talk with Kim Lyons, News Editor at NEXTPittsburgh.com about the site’s mission to cover Pittsburgh, start ups in the city, interesting restaurants, Mayor Bill Peduto, and a digital magazine’s place in the journalism landscape.

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