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AwesomeCast 358: Debate Over the Brick Wall

We’re comparing new studio spaces with Brian Crawford of The River’s Edge this week! ¬†Sorg, Chilla and Brian are bringing you the week’s tech news including:

  • Apparently we have a wall in our future?
  • Did you miss the Big Purple Couch Parade? Check out our Facebook videos from last week!
  • Brian Crawford of The River’s Edge is joining us tonight – with some updates from THEIR new studio, too!
  • Speaking of The River’s Edge, we’re getting a new time slot!
  • Tune in over there to check us out Saturdays at 9am.
  • It only took Sorg 10 years to get out of the basement. We’d love to show you the new space!
  • Chilla is telling us all about Apple allowing up to 10K beta testers per app thanks to Test Flight.
  • Will Apple’s 10K beta tester limit for Test Flight make it better for developers?
  • Brian is sharing a digital projector as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • Speaking of digital projectors, Sorg shares one of his favorite digital projectors at Dependable Drive-In.
  • Brian’s LED Miroir projector is a little smaller than the Dependable Drive-In.
  • Leave it to Chilla to consider Chromecast or AppleTV adaptation for Miroir.
  • Sorg’s Awesome Thing of the Week was his overdose of video games at Replay FX over the weekend.
  • Sorg was impressed by the band playing the Duck Tales music during game play at Replay FX.
  • Sorg realized Battle Toads is a little more violent than he remembers thanks to Replay FX.
  • How about powering a pinball machine with a bicycle? Sorg is sharing that experience from Replay FX.
  • Sorg wasn’t the only one who checked out Replay FX. Chilla is also sharing his experience!
  • Speaking of games, if you’re in Austin check out the 50 years of electronic gaming exhibit.
  • Woodworking meets Star Wars?
  • Will Overwatch overtake the NFL with viewers? Brian is sharing some thoughts.
  • Hey Looking for Group we may be scheduling an Overwatch outing so we can have knowledgeable conversations. ūüėČ
  • Chilla is sharing some Avid news about a free version.
  • Brian is sharing some news about the new studio space!
  • There’s a world’s largest super soaker?!?!

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Awesome Chat: Replay FX

We visit the Replay FX & Professional & Amateur Pinball Association home compound in Carnegie, PA to talk with Doug Polka and Fred Cochran surrounded by amazing video and pinball machines!  We talk about the concept of a video game preservation, the birth of Replay FX, the large arcade atmosphere, the practical joke on the owners of the Super NES CD-ROM that never happened, playing games with other people, how they are reaching out and more!

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