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AwesomeCast 367: Hop A Rocket

Cynthia Closkey of Shift Collaborative joins us in studio this week.  She talks with Sorg, Katie, and Chilla about this week’s tech news, including:  

  • Cynthia is giving us a quick share about what she’s up to at Shift Collaborative. Catch her AwesomeChat this week!
  • Cynthia is sharing her Awesome Thing of the Week – her new AirPods!
  • Cynthia is sharing her AirPod hack – using one while charging the other to extend usage.
  • Katie is sharing Instagram Stories polls as her Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • It’s Choose-Your-Own-Dudders-Adventure time with Katie!
  • Amazon released some new devices, and Chilla is getting us up to date as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • Sorg’s Awesome Thing of the Week is from PodCamp Pittsburgh this past weekend – Hashtag Immerse.
  • Twitter is expanding from 140 to 280 characters! We have some mixed thoughts.
  • AR Dragon is out, and it’s got the cutest AR integration.
  • Speaking of AR, Mulango blew Chilla’s mind with the AR poster he brought with him to PodCamp.
  • We’re talking about the future being here – between AR and SpaceX.
  • So, those people moving tubes we talked about on a previous show? We’re repurposing them to food delivery.
  • Thank you Elon Musk for putting the thoughts in our heads about rocket travel point-to-point.
  • If jet lag is bad, what is rocket lag going to be like?
  • 3-Dollar-Rocket-Ride: We’re considering the Mega Bus options of rocket travel.
  • Thank you SNL for bringing the Papyrus conversation back.
  • Twitter and Facebook are becoming “news” sources. So, what’s the protocol for Google to filter fake news?
  • It’s dancing stormtrooper time with Chilla.
  • ScareHouse is doing some great stuff for the kids!

After the show remember to:

Eat at Slice on Broadway (@Pgh_Slice) if you are in the Pittsburgh area! It is Awesome! (sliceonbroadway.com)
Speaking of Slice on Broadway, make sure you vote for them in the Incline’s pizza bracket.

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360 and Virtual Reality: The Future of Media

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How can I consume 360 and VR content now?

How can I produce 360 or VR content now?

What are key factors when developing content for these platforms?

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State of Podcasting: Podcamp Pittsburgh 11

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