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AwesomeCast 427: I’m Gonna Bandersnatch

This week’s episode brought to you by Comic Book Pitt, Slice on Broadway, and Alex Kahrs Design & Media! 

We’re starting the year off right – with some tech news and CES updates!  Krause and Sorg are bringing you some highlights, including:

  • Sorg is sharing his Awesome Thing of the Week  – Bandersnatch!
  • Krause is hitting the tip of the CES 2019 iceberg as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • There’s a robot Pikachu, and it will sing to you?!?!
  • We’re learning about sous vide food preparation on this week’s show.
  • Mission Pic may have shut down, but its users are keeping it going thanks to Instagram and a Facebook Group.
  • We are deep-diving some CES 2019 news – with an LG rollable OLED TV.
  • For a company that doesn’t show up at CES 2019, Apple has a bit of a presence with AirPlay and iTunes compatibility on non-Apple devices.
  • Vuzix Blade smart glasses are available for pre-order.
  • Audi has a VR game for the backseat that interacts with vehicle movements for gameplay.
  • HTC has a new VR headset in the works.
  • What if your phone could be your gaming PC?
  • Laptops are getting notches like our smart phones?
  • Apple may not physically be at CES 2019, but they do have a bit of a dig at their competitors thanks to a billboard overlooking the event.
  • Would you upload your house key to the cloud?

Bonus content for this week is thanks to some entertaining downtime between the holidays with a sweet Walmart ad.

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Awesome Chat: iBoard Interactive

Harmonie Nkama is the founder of iBoard Interactive, a new company looking to replace and improve on the community board or digital signage in colleges and community centers with an interactive system utilizing your smart phones.  We talk about the company, getting into the process of becoming a start up, and her experience at the recent Pittsburgh Civic Startup Weekend.

Find out about iBoard Interactive at http://iboardinteractive.com

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