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AwesomeCast 342: Internet of the Brain

Sorg and Chilla are joined by Kenny Chen of Ascender for AwesomeCast 342 talking about awesome things in technology, including:AC

  • Kenny is telling us about what he does at Ascender. Cool guy doing cool things.
  • It’s time for Chilla’s Awesome Thing of the Week and he’s telling us about Samsung.
  • p.s. Want to check out what’s new in Samsung? They have a huge announcement TOMORROW.
  • Show of hands: Who carries both an iPhone and Android device for one reason or another?
  • Sorg is getting stalkerish with his friends. Google Maps location sharing will make it easier.
  • We’ve talked about XPrize previously. Kenny is sharing Qualcomm Tricorder XPrize as his Awesome Thing of the Week.
  • What kind of geeks would we be if we didn’t mention Elon Musk and his neuralink?
  • Neuralink: It’s like IoT and the Internet of the Brain.
  • Donating computer resources is still a thing – just like it was in 1995.
  • We’re talking about how we can technologically enhance our perfect pepperoni pizza experience with Slice on Broadway.
  • Thank you Brandon for sharing how we can share taste via the internet!
  • Bobby and Mad Mike there is hope for you to have digital Slice!
  • Rick Sebak is doing something uber geeky – he’s running a Kickstarter campaign to bring us more stories.
  • Thanks to Andy for bringing us the cutest share this week – a little girl hugging a water heater.
  • Bobby needs to come back on the show – maybe after we go to the Super Mario bar he mentioned this week.
  • NASA has the cutest little origami robot!
  • Chilla is sharing some Android updates – including another beta.

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Awesome Chat: Ascender

We talk with Bobby Zappala  of Ascender, a hub for starters and builders rebranding from the old Thrill Mill. We discuss the “start up” community in Pittsburgh an why they are distancing themselves from that moniker, growing into the new name, Thrival Festival, what they bring to the table with their move, the IBM Watson AI Xprize in Pittsburgh, and what is coming up!

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AwesomeCast 326: Awesomely Thankful Things

  • It’s time for Katie’s #AwesomeThingOfTheWeekGoogle will tell you in real time whether a place is busy. Google or Maps integration.
  • Sorg’s #AwesomeThingOfTheWeek is the AI XPRIZE competition we learned about through Ascender and MIT Enterprise Forum
  • Chilla’s #AwesomeThingOfTheWeek is the Koogeek HomeKit compatible SmartPlug.
  • It’s Thanksgiving.  What are you thankful for in tech?
  • Katie is thankful for 360 Video and all the new and exciting things it makes happen.
  • Katie is also thankful for the convenience of Facetime to help her be part of her niece’s life even though they live so far away.
  • Chilla is thankful for Comic Con options in our tri-state area and how they’ve brought family together.
  • Sorg is thankful for smaller tech – he used his iPhone and a GoPro to film a friend’s wedding without having to haul #pro cameras.
  • Tesla Motors shared some video of their  Self Driving car experience.  We’re comparing it to the Uber system.
  • Katie is telling Chilla about a Smart mattress that tracks sleep and has heat and white noise options among other features.
  • Speaking of Tesla Motors, they’re also powering an island using solar energy and power packs.
  • Airbnb made a cool announcement about “experiences and places” options.  Sorg is talking about it as an option for his travels.
  • Keep an eye out for the #AwesomeCast @Airbnb #TechTour. 😉
  • Doom on a #MacBook touch bar is so cool!

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